The supply chain is every manufacturer’s lifeline. It’s also growing more vulnerable due to the multi-layered relationships and complex connections that comprise them.  The more points of failure, the greater the opportunities for cyber criminals, APTs, and competitive “researchers” to breach your network, intercept transactions, and steal or manipulate your data.

3 individual wearing helmets and next to a shipping container

Telos® offers solutions and services that give you increased assurance in the integrity and security of your supply chain. Our Xacta® Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) offering uses the leading NIST SCRM standards to automate and streamline supply chain risk management processes, generate SCRM and risk treatment plans, and conduct vendor risk assessments with pre-defined and custom-built questionnaires. 

Our cybersecurity consultants can assess the security posture of your supply chain and make recommendations for further reinforcement.  If you’re a defense contractor, we can also help you to prepare for the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).  

woman using a desktop laptop for supply chain security control

The Telos Ghost® virtual obfuscation network can make the critical elements of your supply chain invisible to hackers by obfuscating and encrypting transactions and hiding resources such as digital storage and application servers behind in a labyrinth of anonymous network nodes. It also protects cyber threat analysts as they research, analyze, and assess risk and vulnerabilities in the supply chain.

Within the physical domain of the supply chain, such as warehouses and maintenance depots, Telos secure mobility infrastructure enables the ordering and management of inventory in a secure environment to maximize the productivity of logistics personnel.