Faced with increasing threats to data and privacy, state and local governments are establishing their own security and risk management policies based on established standards such as the NIST RMF and CSF, ISO, and others.  They also need to accommodate a rapidly growing number of remote and home-based personnel as well as to leverage the cloud and mobility solutions to serve citizens better and faster. 

Telos® offers solutions for cyber, cloud, and enterprise security that meet these needs.  Our Xacta® platform for cyber risk management and continuous compliance streamlines security assessments and reduces audit fatigue with a “do once, use many times” model that harmonizes the disparate security controls and frameworks you have to or choose to follow. It’s in use in state agencies in Alabama, Texas, and the District of Columbia.

Just as important, Telos risk management experts can work with you to engage across the departments and agencies involved in your IT environment to help you understand the full scope of the cyber risks you need to manage.  We offer a range of assessment, compliance, and operational security services to protect your systems and workloads in the cloud, on premises, and in hybrid environments. 

Telos also offers cloud compliance solutions specifically developed for the government.  Our work with AWS and Microsoft Azure in highly secure sovereign regions has led to capabilities that speed time to operational approval, reducing the time and effort for many burdensome tasks by up to 90 percent. We have proven experience in cloud migration, managed services, and security for highly sensitive civilian federal agencies as well as for the Department of Defense and the U.S. Intelligence Community. We are proficient in FedRAMP and the NIST security controls and frameworks as they apply to the cloud.

For law enforcement, first responders, and cyber threat protection teams, Telos Ghost® provides an exclusive virtual obfuscation network-as-a-service to make personnel, their work, and their devices invisible from adversaries and unauthorized access. Telos Ghost can also protect confidential records and transactions relating to driver’s licenses, pension and retirement funds, school system records, Medicaid administration, and others with multiple layers of encryption and obfuscation techniques such as dynamic IP routing and managed attribution.

Telos’ renowned secure mobility solutions help public sector organizations work more efficiently and responsively to citizen needs.  Telos extends the reach of your enterprise network so that users in remote, mobile, and hard-to-wire locations can access databases, information, and applications just as if they were connected to the wired enterprise network.

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