Today’s work-from-anywhere enterprises need to protect their personnel, devices, and networks.  The information they handle must also be secure against unauthorized access.  That’s truer now than ever as the internet and the cloud become indistinguishable from the enterprise network. 

Telos® Corporation offers solutions and services that enable secure mobility for business and government.  Our two decades of experience in the largest and most challenging secure networking environments enables us to connect our customers to any information source, at any classification level, over any wireless medium, using any device.

For the ultimate in secure mobility, Telos Ghost® offers a privatized internet service that far exceeds the protection of a VPN or other conventional security.  Users log onto the Telos Ghost network and immediately disappear from digital view, free to work online from any location, protected by dynamic IP routing and multiple layers of encryption. 

Telos network engineers design and build secure mobile wireless infrastructures that enable enterprises to centrally manage multiple wireless systems, users, and devices.  We blanket multi-building office complexes with secure Wi-Fi service that provides exceptional coverage, capacity, and reliability.  And we engineer warehouse, inventory, and maintenance mobility solutions in challenging physical spaces.

Our secure mobility professional services deliver integrated mobile and wireless communications solutions that meet even the most complex needs of civilian, defense, and commercial customers. Services include program management, survey and design, integration and engineering, security assurance and compliance, network operation, and sustainment and support.

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