One of the most important steps you can take to improve your cybersecurity posture is to reduce the attack surface of your organization’s digital environment.  That’s a tall order, given how thoroughly the public internet and the cloud have been integrated into the enterprise network.

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Telos Ghost® is a suite of capabilities that minimizes and even eliminates attack surfaces by routing traffic over a private internet of anonymous network nodes and masking the “digital footprints” users leave behind. These same capabilities can also hide servers, applications, and mobile communications to prevent their discovery or exploitation by unauthorized users.  

Our cybersecurity and risk management specialists can also help shore up gaps to minimize threats to the network. Telos offers security and risk assessment services to uncover any vulnerabilities your systems and applications may have and offer recommendations for mitigating them. 

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We evaluate your current IT environment for known vulnerabilities, review your current security posture in the context of those vulnerabilities, and provide recommendations for correcting them. We can perform evaluations from multiple perspectives within and outside your network to understand the threats from point of attack to ensure the best solution for security and functionality.

The Xacta® cyber risk management and compliance suite also helps you track and monitor the status of security controls that apply to your network environment. Its executive dashboard views provide the real-time insights you need to stay abreast of your security posture.

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