Ensuring the security of the digital enterprise never stops.  It requires the vigilance of system users, administrators, and cybersecurity personnel to ensure an infrastructure that’s resilient in the face of ongoing threats and attacks.  Telos® offers a spectrum of solutions and services that can help harden and protect your cybersecurity posture.

Telos Ghost® provides an invisible, privately owned “internet within the internet” that shields your information and transactions as they traverse your organizational network. Digital resources such as applications and file servers can be hidden within a labyrinth of anonymous network nodes.

Our cybersecurity consulting personnel can offer guidance on where and how to shore up your cyber defenses. Penetration testing can uncover vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. Our certified information security practitioners can assess your current security posture and then engineer and operate a robust cyber environment that protects you from the full spectrum of network vulnerabilities and threats.

In today’s digitally extended enterprises, even mobile capabilities must be hardened. Telos is a leading provider of integrated secure mobility solutions and services that reduce your exposure to risk by assuring that you can safely communicate and share information across and beyond the enterprise.

The Xacta® suite for cyber risk management helps you meet the ongoing challenges of managing cyber risk with continuous compliance monitoring, security assessment, and ongoing authorization. Xacta assures that your on-premises and cloud-based systems are continuously compliant with the standards and frameworks relevant to your industry. 

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