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In the face of constantly increasing security and privacy standards, IT organizations struggle to hire and maintain staff with the experience and training necessary to meet compliance demands. In this day and age, it’s nearly impossible to be 100 percent compliant with all applicable standards.

The personal, professional, and organizational repercussions of the growing strain of audit fatigue are real. Constant visits from auditors, both internal and external, can be daunting, bringing with them the potential for fines and damage to an organization’s reputation. Audit fatigue is a symptom of the growing IT risk management burden that organizations face today. The very real costs of this burden range from implementation expenses and fines to increased health concerns and high turnover. With so much at risk, organizations would do well to find solutions to ease the compliance burden.

Over four in five (81%) security professionals report that they personally dread when their organization is audited

Excerpted from A Wake Up Call: The Harsh Reality of Audit Fatigue

Solutions and services from Telos® can help you automate and streamline your compliance activities, and alleviate the burden on the security professionals in your organization.

Audit process

The Xacta® platform has powerful automation capabilities that can reduce the amount of time and effort needed to complete compliance related activities such as control selection and tailoring, boundary and asset definition, control validation, documentation, risk mitigation, and continuous monitoring.

For organizations addressing cloud compliance, Xacta ensures ongoing security authorization of cloud resources through the use of its robust control inheritance feature.

Telos also offers support services from certified cybersecurity consultants and technicians to help you streamline your audit response process and provide the critical experience and judgment needed to monitor, evaluate, and respond to risk in a timely manner.