Digital healthcare accelerates the effectiveness of service and improves patient outcomes.  Solutions such as e-health records, networked medical devices, and telemedicine make medical practices more efficient. That’s even truer today as the pandemic has led to the closure of facilities and the limiting of in-person office hours. 

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The increasing reliance on digital capabilities makes it essential that these organizations reduce their attack surfaces and protect themselves against greater levels of cyber threats.  Novo Nordisk, Vibrent Health, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and state healthcare exchanges are among the organizations that have benefitted from Telos® services and solutions for securing healthcare-oriented enterprises.

An essential part of e-health security is ensuring that the relevant security controls are in place to meet healthcare requirements.  For hospitals, clinics, research facilities, and other organizations, Telos offers the Xacta® platform for cyber risk management and security compliance.  

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Engineered to automate and streamline the most common security processes, Xacta ensures that organizations are able to prove compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, MARS-E, and other frameworks and standards for protecting healthcare information. It also reduces audit fatigue for healthcare organizations that need to demonstrate compliance across a variety of standards and frameworks.  

Healthcare records also need to be protected in transit and at rest.  For critical information that must not be breached, Telos Ghost® can ensure that these records stay hidden from all but authorized users – both within the enterprise network and moving across the internet to other organizations.  

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Telos Ghost can also provide a privatized network for telemedicine application such as real-time online patient exams and consultations, exchange of patient data between clinics and primary facilities, as well as protecting patient files that are part of the appointment.  

Telos also offers enterprise wireless solutions that can provide reliable coverage across large medical facilities and teaching hospitals. Healthcare professionals can access records and test results, review medical research, update care plans, and write new orders, all at the point of patient care.  Nurses, physicians, and therapists can monitor data from Wi-Fi enabled medical devices for real-time insight into patient status.  Patient registration, appointment scheduling, and digital signage are other applications where Telos-enabled secure mobility networks make for smooth and efficient operations.  

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For cloud-based healthcare applications and medical record storage, Telos can provide insights and expertise into the optimal configuration and security of your workloads. Our work with the leading providers of cloud-hosting services assures that your cloud assets are accessible as well as secure. 

IDTrust360®, Telos’ digital trust platform. and the company’s digital identity services are expected to detect, prevent, and deter fraud, waste and abuse in the Medicare and Medicaid programs through FBI-based non-criminal history checks including identity verification, fingerprinting, and continuous monitoring.

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