The 16 critical infrastructure sectors are so vital to national interests that the federal government has developed guidelines and policy directives specifically to ensure the security of their assets, systems, and networks.  Enterprises and organizations in these sectors are called on to follow these standards and to deploy solutions and capabilities that strengthen and maintain secure, functioning, and resilient critical infrastructure.

Evolution of Critical IT Asset Protection

Xacta 360® for the NIST Cybersecurity Framework was built to operationalize and streamline the framework created specifically to manage risk and assure compliance of information systems in critical infrastructure. Our cybersecurity and risk assessment personnel can also provide the services and expertise needed to ensure the security posture of your information environment.  

Telos® also offers the Telos Ghost® solution that makes information and communications technology (ICT) invisible to unauthorized users and prevents unauthorized access through obfuscation, dynamic IP routing, and managed attribution.  It can sheath SCADA, ICS, and other operational technology in a cloak of encryption and obfuscation to protect diagnostics and maintenance transmissions, and also protects defense contractor data in a privatized network that hides their presence in the digital realm.

IT Environment

Cloud services ensure the survivability of systems and applications that support critical infrastructure technology such as power supplies and communications systems. Ensuring their security is essential – and Telos cloud services and cloud compliance capabilities help assure your workloads are engineered for security and ongoing compliance with government and industry regulations on cloud-based resources.  

Checking for issues

Our secure mobility solutions create a canopy of secure wireless over your enterprise for productivity and rapid access to information and applications.  You can extend the reach of network resources to the point of work so that engineers, technicians, and others can inspect facilities, transmit diagnostics information, and perform safety assessments onsite.

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