It’s no longer enough to check periodically on the status of your cyber risk posture. Threats and attacks in the digital realm are continuous. You need to be able to continuously assess your IT security environment and assure ongoing compliance with the relevant controls.  

Risk Management gears

Telos® solutions and services can help you mitigate and manage risk so you can work with constant confidence in today’s globally connected world. 

The Xacta® platform for IT risk management was developed specifically to automate and integrate the steps needed to ensure ongoing authorization to operate (ATO) in federal environments and operational approval in highly regulated enterprises.  Xacta continuously validates your risk posture and automatically revalidates controls and pre-set time intervals to reduce audit fatigue and increase security assurance.

Continuous Monitoring

Xacta is especially engineered for the compliance of cloud-based systems and workloads.  It can continuously inherit pre-vetted security controls to ensure the ongoing security authorization of cloud resources.

Our cybersecurity consultants and technicians provide the critical experience and judgment needed to monitor, evaluate, and respond to risk. We can assess your current security environment, design and deploy solutions that assure continuous risk monitoring and mitigation, and respond to and manage security incidents to keep your organization protected. 

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