On The Radar - Omdia Report

Download the report: “Telos Makes Critical Network Assets and Users Invisible through Network Obfuscation”

Enterprises have seen their attack surfaces increase exponentially with remote workers and the move to the cloud. And the need to secure data and voice communications is more critical than ever with the increase in cyberattacks.  Security as a service has emerged as the preferred solution by organizations to help secure their networks and critical assets.

One of these solutions is Telos Ghost, a cloud-based network as a service that keeps critical segments and assets of a customer’s corporate network separate and invisible to threat actors. The Omdia report, On the Radar, brings attention to vendors with innovative products. In this latest report, Rik Turner, Principal Analyst, Emerging Technologies, discusses why Telos Ghost should be on your radar as a cybersecurity solution.

The report discusses the following:

  • The threat landscape
  • Shortcomings with current solutions such as VPNs
  • The emerging security-as-a-service market
  • Why enterprises should be watching Telos Ghost in this space