Securing Campus and Facility Security

Mitigating Active Shooter Threats with AI-powered, Cyber-protected Visual Gun Detection

Ara Bagdasarian, Co-Founder, Omnilert
Tom Badders, Senior Product Manager, Telos
Marc Molina, Executive Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management, Elmhurst College
Dr. Rich Contartesi, CEO and Co-Founder, K12 as a Service

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A Panel Discussion on Public Safety

While our focus has been on the pandemic for the last year or so, gun violence continues to be just as much if not more of a concern. These tragic events underscore the need for serious conversations around upgrading and modernizing physical security technologies on campuses such as healthcare centers, office complexes, and educational facilities.

Enter a new generation of AI-powered, cyber-protected visual gun detection solutions that use existing video surveillance systems to reliably and rapidly recognize firearms and immediately initiate automated alerts, with system security provided by advanced network obfuscation techniques.

In this on-demand panel discussion, Securing Campus and Facility Security, Ara Bagdasarian, co-founder of Omnilert, Tom Badders, senior product manager for Telos Corporation, Dr. Rich Contartesi, CEO and Co-Founder, K12 as a Service, and Marc Molina, public safety director for Elmhurst College, explore:

  • Keeping pace with physical and cybersecurity threats
  • Ensuring the cybersecurity of video surveillance systems
  • Tradeoffs between personal privacy and physical security
  • Campus safety applications for AI-powered, cyber-protected visual gun detection


Ara Bagdasarian
Co-Founder, Omnilert

Ara H. Bagdasarian is an entrepreneur, author, and advocate for safe schools and campuses. Ara founded Omnilert, which invented the world’s first campus emergency notification system in 2004 and released the first AI-powered visual gun detection system in 2020. In 2021, he founded ZeroNow, an initiative by safety technology and education leaders to end harmful events in schools. Ara has appeared in national news media providing insights into advances in campus safety and is involved as a leader with community and charitable organizations.

Tom Badders
Senior Product Manager, Telos Corporation

Tom Badders is a senior product manager at Telos Corporation, a leading provider of cyber, cloud and enterprise security solutions for the world’s most security-conscious organizations. Leveraging over 40 years of experience in system and network integration, Tom’s focus is on network capabilities to protect organizations and individuals from cyber threats. Tom drives the strategy and direction for the company’s Telos Ghost offering and, in turn, provides industry leadership for the development of obfuscation technologies to help eliminate attack surfaces targeted by cyber adversaries.

Marc Molina
Executive Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management, Elmhurst College

With over 25 years in public service, Marc Molina brings a wealth of knowledge in progressive police administration, active supervision, competent leadership, crisis intervention, crash investigation, personnel development and advanced training to the fields of police and security work. His experience includes law enforcement, security consulting, emergency response, organizational management, staff development, healthcare safety and security, and higher education public safety.

Dr. Rich Contartesi
CEO and Co-Founder, K12 as a Service

Dr. Rich Contartesi, is an accomplished K12 Assistant Superintendent, CIO, CTO, and is currently the CEO and Founder of K12 as a Service. Rich's experience provides a unique strategic and operational perspective to analyze, develop, lead, and integrate technology, instruction, and business systems. He has successfully led the implementation of enterprise-level student information systems, ERP financial systems, instructional management and learning systems; data warehouse, security, infrastructure, bandwidth, iPads, Chromebooks, mobile devices, BYOT, 1:1 including shared and individual student devices.

Rich is an active speaker, co-author, contributor, panelist, and presenter for numerous technology and educational organizations including CoSN, IMS Global, Data Quality Campaign, the BLE-Group, FETC, ISTE, VSTE, edWeb, Classlink, and the Council of Great City Schools.

Moderator: Elizabeth Venafro
Director of Marketing, Omnilert

Elizabeth drives Omnilert's brand and marketing strategy as the pioneer in emergency notification and management solutions. She is a business-to-business and business-to-government modern marketing technologist with experience at small and large organizations across diverse industries.

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