I’m Ready for My FedRAMP Assessment, Now What?

Second in a series of three webinars about the FedRAMP process, “I’m Ready for My FedRAMP Assessment, Now What?” is a free 50-minute on-demand webinar that provides insight into what companies should expect during the FedRAMP assessment process. Presented by Telos FedRAMP compliance subject matter expert Milica Green and Corey Clements, Director, Security Program Services for SecureIT, this webinar will help you understand what to expect while working with your 3PAO (Third-Party Assessment Organization).

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In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • How testing is conducted during your initial assessment
  • What type of evidence a 3PAO will be requesting
  • The information your 3PAO will need to complete a Security Assessment Report (SAR)
  • Why the System Security Plan (SAP) and SAR are so critical
  • What you need to know about “High Vulnerabilities,” and what remediation steps can be taken if they’re found

Why Attend? 

If you’ve started the FedRAMP process—or even if you’re trying to decide if FedRAMP authorization is the right direction for your business—you’ll want to watch this webinar to see what technical issues should be addressed before spending the time and money involved in assessment. The rewards of first understanding and then undergoing the FedRAMP assessment process are clear: FedRAMP authorized companies are in a unique position to capture a share of the $6.5 billion federal cloud market. Join us for a clearer picture of where your company stands today, as well as obtain a broad roadmap for future steps on the path to FedRAMP success.

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