Getting to FedRAMP Ready

First in a series of three webinars about the FedRAMP process, “Getting to FedRAMP Ready: What You Need to Know” is an on-demand webinar that explains what you need to know and do as you begin the FedRAMP journey. Presented by compliance expert Milica Green from Telos and government cloud expert Brad Schulteis from Rackspace, this webinar will give you the practical real-world advice you need to begin your successful FedRAMP journey.

You’ll learn:

  • How to organize your people and processes for success at the start
  • Which roles at your organization should be involved
  • How to manage your investment in your 3PAO service
  • To leverage inheritance and automation to reduce time and cost and streamline compliance

Why Watch the Presentation?

If you want to sell cloud-based offerings to organizations that handle federal data and information, they need to go through FedRAMP authorization first. There are a lot of moving parts and unexpected costs in the process, so it’s key that you be prepared when you start. This on-demand webinar will give you the essential insights for a successful launch into the federal market, which is projected to spend more than $6 billion on cloud computing services over the next three years.

Milica Green and Brad Schulteis bring their real-world experience to bear on how to get started with a successful FedRAMP authorization.

Milica Green
Compliance Subject Matter Expert, Telos Corporation

Brad Schulteis
Director of Government Solutions, Rackspace