Telos Ghost for Utilities

Hide your ICS and other critical operational assets from cyber threats and attacks.

Within the utilities sector, industrial control systems (ICS), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, and programmable logic controllers (PLC) are used to control and manage oil and gas exploration and distribution, the electricity grid, transportation networks, and other operations.

In the past, these systems have often been run independently of corporate IT networks. However, they’re increasingly being brought online for more efficient management of industrial operations—making them more vulnerable to attack.

Download the ebook Utilities in the Breach to learn:

  • Why ICS equipment and systems are often difficult to secure
  • Why utility companies should be concerned about the security posture of their third-party supply chain partners
  • The unique challenges utility infrastructure operators face when simultaneously trying to protect both information technology and operational technology systems
  • Specific cybersecurity challenges in the oil and gas, electricity, transportation, and water and wastewater sectors
  • Why utilities should consider incorporating cloud-based obfuscation network technologies into their overall security strategy