Efficient and Cost-Effective Identity Verification

ONYX Mobile Fingerprinting Overview

Legacy fingerprinting methods can be expensive and inconvenient. For example, when legacy hardware sensors are required to capture fingerprint images, the devices must be physically present and configured for use in a dedicated capture session—which is not always feasible when identifying the identities of remote teams. And purpose-built touch-based hardware can be tied to complex and costly software and maintenance contracts.

However, touchless mobile fingerprinting solutions are both affordable and convenient—not to mention more hygienic.

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ONYX® from Telos is an award-winning touchless mobile fingerprinting solution that provides a software development kit allowing mobile application developers to leverage the rear-facing smartphone camera as a high-quality contactless fingerprint sensor

Features of ONYX include:

  • The ability to generate NIST-quality, machine-matchable fingerprint images of exceptional size
  • Seamless integration with iOS and Android applications
  • Machine learning capabilities to produce high-quality fingerprint images
  • Robust liveness detection and anti-spoofing

And much more.

Download this ebook to learn how ONYX can benefit and support your organization’s critical identity verification programs.