A Case Study Featuring the US Intelligence Community from Telos Corporation and AWS

Achieving and maintaining security compliance in the cloud—quickly and efficiently—is now possible. Read the case study from Telos Corporation and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to learn how Xacta 360 helped the U.S. Intelligence Community stand up its highly secure C2S cloud region and achieve continuous compliance with the government’s most stringent security standards:

  • Reduced ATO process times to weeks versus many months
  • Eliminated 4 to 6 weeks of manual effort per project when compliance regulations changed
  • Avoided months of manual effort in identifying, inheriting, and managing controls

“With Xacta 360’s inheritance and provider project features and capabilities, AWS expects a dramatic increase in efficiencies and effectiveness in completing ATOs, in some cases up to 90% faster.”   Rick Trinidad, Senior Practice Manager, World Wide Public Sector, AWS

Download this compelling four-page case study for the full story.