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The new work environment has led to a massive increase in the number of people working remotely. Beyond the security and scalability challenges this presents, organizations whose remote workers handle high-security requirements such as financial transactions, healthcare records, and intellectual property need a greater level of security and privacy than standard remote-access capabilities provide.

For insights and answers into this challenge, we invite you to watch the on-demand webinar Become Invisible for Ultimate Secure Remote Access.

Co-hosted by Dr. Ed Amoroso, founder and CEO of TAG Cyber, and Tom Badders, product manager for Telos Corporation, this 45-minute presentation looks at the additional challenges that security-conscious, highly regulated enterprises face when supporting their remote workforce. This webinar will consider:

  • How corporate VPNs fall short for rapidly and securely expanding remote access
  • Whether Zero Trust provides sufficient security for critical applications
  • Use cases that require additional security and privacy to protect the mission
  • How virtual obfuscation networks provide advanced protection for mission-critical requirements

Why you should watch this presentation:

Even after months of supporting remote work, organizations are struggling to ensure the security of their most critical applications.  Healthcare organizations, financial institutions, and more are finding that going remote at scale poses risks and threats they hadn’t anticipated.

This webinar will give you insights into alternatives for secure remote access when security failure isn’t an option.  Learn how you can protect your personnel, their devices, and their work from unauthorized view by isolating them in a secure, privatized virtual network-as-a-service.


Tom Badders
Senior Project Manager, Telos Corporation

Tom Badders is a Senior Product Manager at Telos Corporation, a leading provider of cyber, cloud and enterprise security solutions for the world’s most security-conscious organizations. Tom’s focus is on network capabilities to protect organizations and individuals from cyber threats.  Tom has extensive knowledge and expertise in managed attribution, obfuscation, and encryption for cloud and premise-based networks.  Leveraging over 40 years of experience in systems and network integration, Tom is an expert in secure wireless and mobility solutions, including the application of wireless technology to voice, video, and data operational environments. At Telos, Tom drives the strategy and direction for the company’s cloud-based managed attribution products and services business and, in turn, provides industry leadership for the development of obfuscation technologies to help eliminate attack surfaces targeted by cyber adversaries.

Tom is a member of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association’s Department of Defense Mobility Working Group. He holds multiple Product Management certifications.

Dr. Ed Amoroso
Founder and CEO, TAG Cyber

Dr. Edward Amoroso currently serves as Founder and CEO of TAG Cyber, a cyber security research and advisory firm headquartered in New York City. Dr. Amoroso is the former SVP and CSO of AT&T, where he served for over three decades. Ed also holds the position of Distinguished Research Professor at the NYU Center for Cyber Security since 2016.

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