Ransomware's Global Impact

Is it possible to identify and fend off threats before they breach the network?

The ransomware threat landscape has grown significantly in the past several years. In 2021 there was a total of US$623.3 million ransomware attacks, an increase of over 202% from the US$206.4 million attacks in 2018.

Unfortunately, conventional approaches to cyber threat intelligence aren’t able to keep up with ever-evolving threats from cybercrime organizations and other determined adversaries.  A new approach is needed to cyber threat intelligence, one that illuminates these threats in near-real and even real time.

Our new white paper, Ransomware’s Global Impact: More Responsive Threat Intelligence Is Needed, discusses the challenges of fending off ransomware threats and the need for proactive threat intelligence strategies. You’ll learn about:

  • The increasing costs of ransomware and its devastating effect on organizations
  • How Ransomware-as-a-Service has significantly expanded the scale and scope of ransomware attacks
  • Techniques that cybercriminals use to foil traditional cybersecurity strategies
  • How decreasing the threat identification timeline helps organizations respond to intruders before they breach the network