Protecting Your Industrial and IoT Networks - Telos Ghost

Hide your industrial and IIoT networks so cybercriminals can’t find your digital assets.

Utilities, manufacturers, healthcare providers, and other critical-industry organizations continue to deploy internet-connected systems and devices for more efficient performance and greater customer satisfaction. But the ongoing acceleration of Industry 4.0 is also creating more vulnerabilities in IT and OT networks and exposing these enterprises to greater risk of breaches.  

With estimates of industrial IoT connections exploding to 36.8 billion by 2025, it’s no wonder that nine out of 10 risk professionals believe cyberattacks and data breaches are likely due to their IoT networks being unsecured.  It’s time for these organizations to adopt security strategies and techniques that protect their most critical digital infrastructure by keeping threat actors from even knowing it exists. 

Our new ebook, Protecting Your Industrial and IoT Networks, discusses the challenges of protecting industrial cyber environments and the need for additional layers of protection for them. You’ll learn about:

  • The difficulties of protecting IoT devices and systems using conventional approaches to cybersecurity
  • The unique security risks and challenges industrial organizations face with digitization and IT/OT convergence
  • The need to protect industrial digital infrastructure in a secure environment that’s invisible to unauthorized users