Mobile touchless fingerprinting is a snap with ONYX

Telos ONYX | Mobile Touchless Fingerprinting

Fingerprints are the universal standard for personal identification. But until now, the process of capturing and processing digital fingerprints included the cost and inconvenience of purpose-built, fixed-position hardware and software that needs elaborate patches and upgrades.

Now, ONYX® touchless mobile fingerprinting from Telos Corporation enables you to scan and process fingerprints on a mobile device.  It makes fingerprinting fast, efficient, convenient, secure, and hygienic. ONYX features powerful patented capabilities that make it unique among digital fingerprinting solutions. 

In this new ebook, “ONYX Innovations Empower Accurate Touchless Mobile Fingerprinting,” you’ll learn about the four key innovations that make it possible to ease your fingerprint-collection burden:

  • Deep-learning neural networks quickly recognize fingers and capture high-contrast, high-resolution, accurate fingerprint images
  • Image-capture capabilities designed and optimized for scaling fingerprint images taken with a mobile device
  • Novel algorithmic technique for segmenting fingerprints as separate images or creating a composite “slap” image of all fingerprints
  • Proprietary AI liveness detection and anti-spoofing defends against the use of fingerprint facsimiles, pictures, and molds