Telos Ghost for Investigators Ebook

Remaining Undiscoverable While Collecting Intelligence on Hostile Targets

Investigators who go online to do research and surveillance need to stay undercover — just like their counterparts in the physical world.  But the moment you leave the safety of the enterprise network to operate on the internet, you risk blowing your cover and jeopardizing the mission. 

Our new ebook, “Online Investigators: Remaining Undiscoverable While Collecting Intelligence on Hostile Targets,” explores the risks that online investigations and intelligence missions pose to personnel and digital assets, and explains the need for a separate, secure, and isolated operational environment in which investigators can work without fear of becoming the hunted instead of the hunter. 

You’ll learn about:

  • The risks of using Tor, proxy servers, personal VPNs, and other so-called “anonymous” means for going online
  • The six essential capabilities needed in a secure environment optimized for online investigations
  • How a managed virtual obfuscation network keeps investigators, their communications, and their digital evidence safe from compromise