How to Reduce the Risks Your Organization Faces on the Internet

In today’s digitally connected economy, organizations can’t avoid using the internet to conduct business. Yet most network security technologies are designed to protect corporate networks only within the four walls of the enterprise.  They aren’t sufficient to secure information in cyberspace.

This white paper, authored by Telos’ Senior Product Manager Tom Badders, outlines the challenges and threats faced when doing business beyond the network edge, and outlines existing and emerging technologies to address those challenges and mitigate risk.

Among the many questions this paper encourages each enterprise to consider when its data “leaves the building” are these:

  • What are the threats to information and personnel?
  • How can threats outside the enterprise lead to breaches of the corporate network?
  • Are network security products and services adequate to protect the organization?
  • What strategies reduce the risks of using the internet for business communication and financial transactions?

Explore these questions and how your organization can address such crucial concerns by downloading this white paper, Network Security from the Edge Out: How to Reduce the Risks Your Organization Faces on the Internet.