IP Theft and the Evolution of Threat Intelligence

What can mitigate the risk to your intellectual property?

More than $600 billion in intellectual property is stolen from the United States every year. This loss of scientific, technical, engineering, and other forms of IP poses a grave risk to the country’s economy and national security.

Unfortunately, traditional approaches to cyber threat intelligence aren’t able to keep up with ever-evolving threats from determined adversaries such as nation states and cyber crime organizations.  A new approach is needed to cyber threat intelligence, one that illuminates these threats in near-real and even real time.

Our new white paper, IP Theft and the Evolution of Threat Intelligence, discusses the challenges of IP theft and the need for proactive threat intelligence strategies. You’ll learn about:

  • Costs and impacts of intellectual property theft
  • The evolving hacker ecosystem that threatens IP
  • Shortcomings of reactive cyber threat intelligence
  • The need to proactively target, identify, and illuminate cyber threats