Katherine Teitler, senior lead analyst for respected research and advisory firm TAG Cyber, is the author of this paper available from Telos Corporation. How Invisibility Enhances Zero Trust Security explores how obfuscation and invisibility help enterprises achieve a zero trust network posture and describes in depth a number of benefits of commercial anonymity and privacy technology:

  • Elimination of digital footprints
  • Enhanced security and privacy
  • Availability of dedicated resources

The paper then explores a number of the requirements of a zero trust architecture that are enhanced by obfuscation technology – secure remote access, endpoint security, data security, and secure communications – making possible advanced security functions such as threat intelligence gathering, threat hunting, and security testing.

A list of the features you should expect to find in a commercial obfuscation offering is a useful aid when evaluating options.  The paper also provides a helpful list of questions you should ask of potential vendors.

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