Revisiting the Harsh Reality of Audit Fatigue

George Cassels, Director of Technical Strategy, Telos Corporation
Katie Haslett, Research Consultant, Vanson Bourne

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Revisiting the Harsh Reality of Audit Fatigue - On-Demand Webinar

Complying with multiple and varying regulations imposes a huge burden on financial institutions, and many are struggling to keep up with the sheer amount of work required. As these organizations grow in size, IT security staffs are drowning in audit evidence and risk non-compliance, which can be detrimental to their organizations.

During this on-demand webinar, George Cassels, Telos director of technical strategy, and Katie Haslett, research consultant with Vanson Bourne, discuss the findings of a follow-up research study on audit fatigue that uncovers how financial institutions in the United States are handling the ever-increasing challenge of audit demands.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The challenge financial services organizations face when it comes to the growing number of security and privacy regulations in the industry
  • What the audit landscape truly looks like and the impact it has on these organizations
  • How the current toolsets used by financial services organizations are contributing to the audit fatigue problem

Why you should attend:

Audit fatigue not only plagues organizations as compliance becomes a drain on time and resources, it also personally affects the individuals tasked with managing IT security compliance and privacy regulations. Remaining agile and organized in the face of the mountain of work that accompanies audits is key to survival for financial institutions.

Learn more about the impact of audit fatigue in financial institutions and explore potential solutions by watching our on-demand webinar, Revisiting the Harsh Reality of Audit Fatigue: How Financial Services are Faring in 2021.

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George Cassels
George Cassels
Director of Technical Strategy, Telos Corporation

A retired Communications Warrant Officer, George currently holds the position of Director of Technical Strategy at Telos and manages a team of cyber technology evangelists that support SLED, regulated industries, healthcare, and enterprise accounts. He brings 20+ years of networking and security experience in some of the most security conscious environments.

Katie Haslett
Katie Haslett
Research Consultant, Vanson Bourne

Katie is a research professional based in Reading, UK. She has 12 years’ experience, managing and delivering a wide range of research projects across many different sectors. She is also certified by the Market Research Society having completed the Advanced Certificate in Market and Social Research Practice.