Telos Ghost for Financial Services

The financial information that fuels the world’s economy is a valuable target among cyber threat actors.  A 2022 VMware survey of 130 global financial institutions found that 74% had experienced at least one ransomware attack over the previous year.  Banking officials surveyed by KPMG the same year showed that 81% expect to see an increase in cybersecurity threats in the future – and 50% think they’re ill-equipped to protect customer data and digital assets.

It’s time for a new approach to safeguarding the crown jewels of banks, insurance companies, investment firms, credit card providers, and other enterprises with a fiduciary responsibility to their customers. In this new ebook, Financial Services at Cyber Risk: Protecting Critical Assets and Sensitive Customer Transactions Requires New Security Strategies, you’ll learn about:

  • The multiple attack vectors that financial services organizations face and the threats they pose to their critical assets
  • Examples of vulnerabilities and attacks these organizations are exposed to, including third-party and supply chain risks
  • Why these enterprises need to consider network obfuscation to make their crown-jewel assets invisible to unauthorized access