Defending the Intellectual Property of Researchers

Security-as-usual isn’t enough. Identities and assets must be hidden so threat actors don’t know they exist.

Research requires collaboration. Collaboration requires the sharing of information.  Such an open, collegial digital environment can put the valuable fruits of research at risk.  More than $600 billion in intellectual property is stolen from the United States every year, posing a grave risk to the country’s economy and national security.

Unfortunately, traditional approaches to cybersecurity aren’t able to keep up with ever-evolving threats from determined adversaries such as nation states and cybercrime organizations.  A new approach is needed to protecting IP, one that keeps threat actors from even seeing critical research in the first place. 

Our new ebook, Defending the Intellectual Property of Researchers, discusses the challenges of protecting critical research and the need for additional layers of protection for intellectual property. You’ll learn about:

  • Costs and impacts of intellectual property and research theft
  • The threat to research in higher education, energy, defense, and other critical sectors
  • Shortcomings of conventional approaches to protecting critical assets
  • The need to cordon off research and researchers in an ultra-protected digital environment