Backstopping Your VPN and Other Attack Surfaces

When adversaries breach your network, you need a last line of defense for your most critical assets.

Enterprise VPNs have emerged as a significant security risk for organizations. A recent study found that 94% of enterprises are aware that cybercriminals are targeting VPNs to gain access to network resources. Once hackers have breached the network, they can freely move laterally and steal credentials to access your confidential data and critical assets.

If you have a legacy VPN, you need to read this ebook: Backstopping Your VPN and Other Attack Surfaces. In this ebook, we discuss:

  • Some of the liabilities of enterprise VPNs that create a need for additional layers of security for your critical assets
  • The security risks of free or low-cost solutions such as consumer VPNs
  • Whether Zero Trust and other similar frameworks are sufficient by themselves to protect critical assets
  • The concept of network obfuscation and how it protects critical assets even when intruders breach the enterprise network