Remote access to enterprise resources is no longer the privilege of a small fraction of the workforce, but the norm for the majority. When you consider the sensitive information and transactions now being handled with personal devices over home internet connections, it becomes clear that greater remote-access security measures are needed.

Using a proven security technique referred to as virtual obfuscation, enterprise security teams can provide an ultra-secure remote access environment for both critical and non-critical use cases.  This white paper, Achieving Invisibility for Ultra-Secure Remote Access, outlines the advantages of this new approach to cybersecurity. In this paper, you’ll learn:

  • Why enterprise VPNs and Zero Trust architectures alone may not be sufficient for work-from-anywhere security
  • How the four unique elements of a virtual obfuscation network work together to isolate and protect sensitive remote-access requirements
  • Where virtual obfuscation is being used today to protect cyber threat research, supply chain security, and other highly sensitive applications

Authored by TAG Cyber CEO Dr. Edward Amoroso and Telos® Corporation Senior Product Manager Tom Badders, Achieving Invisibility for Ultra-Secure Remote Access explores these and other concepts to give you new insights into how to protect information and personnel in such sensitive fields as financial services, healthcare, critical infrastructure, and education.   

Download this white paper today to discover how making information and applications invisible to adversaries on the network is the first step to ultimate remote-access security.