Telos® CyberProtect:
Technology Partner Program

Telos CyberProtect Technology Partners have a technical integration or collaboration between their offerings and Telos offerings that result in new and innovative solutions for their markets and customers. If your software or hardware products can integrate with Telos solutions, both companies can benefit from an expanded field of sales opportunities.  Telos CyberProtect Technology partners can fall into one or more of the following categories:

Alliance:  CyberProtect Alliance partnerships are strategic in nature and include CSPs (Cloud Service Providers) and other entities through whom we can sell or co-sell our products.  .

Integrated:   CyberProtect Integration Partners can meet the requirements of their enterprise or public sector customers by certifying integrations to Telos products. These integrations can help automate cyber risks, enable secure access, reduce attack surfaces, accelerate product adoption, and enhance the security of your software applications. Take our API documentation and build a connector or engage with Telos to build a joint integration that can be delivered to your customers.

Embedded:  CyberProtect Embedded Partners embed a Telos product or component into their hardware or software products to provide a complete end-to-end offering, “white labeled” as their own or branded as “Powered by” Telos.  Embedded offerings allow your company to take advantage of innovative and market-changing products without the time and effort of developing them yourselves, with the backing of Telos to support your development teams and customers.

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Technology Partner Program Benefits and Requirements

Deal Registration
Technical Certification Badge
Partner Logo on Telos Website
Partner Portal Access
Software Development Kit (SDK)
Dedicated API Integration Support
Proposal Based Marketing Funds
Technical Account Manager
Sales & Technical Enablement
Development Test Environment
Technology Development Funds
Certified Technical Resources
Developer and Production Support
Executed Partner Agreement

Telos CyberProtect Partner Program

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