Telos CyberProtect Partner Program

Our partners help us empower and protect the world’s most security conscious enterprises.

How will you benefit from joining the Telos CyberProtect Partner Program?

  • Work with a proven leader in cyber, cloud, and enterprise security
  • Generate new revenue streams in the rapidly growing security market
  • Make connections, build competencies, and gain insights

For nearly 30 years, Telos has been a market leader in advanced solutions for cyber, cloud, and enterprise security. Our customers are globally connected organizations who rely on us for continuous security assurance in their operations and their missions. 

We are looking for select partners who share our vision of growth through the synergy of our complementary skills and capabilities. Partners who want to generate new revenue streams by delivering world-class security solutions to their customers or who develop technologies that our offerings would complement. 

We seek partners with expertise in such areas as compliance assessments, secure networks, Zero Trust architecture, cloud security, industrial IoT, supply chain security, SCADA and ICS, identity and access management, and in verticals such as financial services, healthcare, critical infrastructure, government, and education. 

If you offer complementary technology solutions in these areas, or if you have a customer base who would benefit from our capabilities, please keep reading to learn more. 

Telos CyberProtect Partner Program Ecosystem

Types of Telos CyberProtect Partners

ConsultingAre you a professional services firm, system integrator, strategic consultancy, or 3rd Party Assessment Organization (3PAO) looking to add Telos solutions to your portfolio?
Security ResellersAre you a software reseller or distribution partner looking to enhance the offerings to your customers?
TechnologyAre you a hardware OEM, ISV or software solution provider looking to integrate with Telos solutions?
ImplementationDo your customers have specialized needs in cyber, cloud, and enterprise security that Telos capabilities can meet?
MSP/MSSPDo you want to benefit from the additional layer of security and confidence that Telos solutions provide in your managed services to your customer?
TeamingWould you benefit from teaming with Telos on specific opportunities, contracts, or projects?

Select Telos CyberProtect Partners

Top 5 Reasons to Partner with Telos


Top 5 Reasons to Partner with Telos

Telos has built a diversified partner ecosystem that will help accelerate cybersecurity adoption in the enterprise and regulated-industry markets.

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Telos Core Values - Telos Partner Program
Telos Core Values

As a Telos CyberProtect Partner, you’ll join us in adhering to the Telos Core Values.

Always with integrity, at Telos we:

Build trusted relationships

Work hard together

Design and deliver superior solutions, and

Have fun doing it.

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