The enterprise solution for cyber risk management and compliance automation.

The Xacta suite of enterprise cyber risk management and compliance automation solutions helps you meet the complex challenges of managing IT risk with continuous compliance monitoring, security assessment, and ongoing authorization.

Deployed at some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations, Xacta enables you to continuously manage your cyber risk and security compliance initiatives through the power of automation. Xacta administers the key elements of more than 100 leading regulations and policies for IT security compliance in government and commercial markets, including the NIST RMF, RMF for DoD IT, CNSS 1253, NIST CSF, and FedRAMP.

Xacta has been recognized as a 2021 SC Awards finalist
in the category of Best Risk/Policy Management Solution.

Get systems to compliance up to 90 percent faster

Reduce time to research new vulnerabilities by up to 90 percent

Reduce the time to generate regulatory documentation by up to 70 percent

Automate security test plans and reduce manual testing by up to eight work weeks

Conduct OS configurations, patch-level analysis, and other tests up to 75 percent faster

Reduce time required for re-assessments by up to 60 percent through continuous monitoring

Xacta Enables You To:

  • Establish a centralized cyber risk management platform for enterprise security intelligence
  • Streamline compliance process for the leading government and industry standards and frameworks
  • Collect extensive IT asset inventory data
  • Inherit controls from IT systems on-premises, in the cloud, and hybrid
  • Dynamically map IT assets, vulnerabilities, and controls sets (map once, comply with many standards)
  • Detect, identify, and remediate threats to system security
  • Generate the reports and documentation needed for regulatory compliance
With Xacta 360’s inheritance and provider project features and capabilities, AWS expects a dramatic increase in efficiencies and effectiveness in completing ATOs, in some cases up to 90% faster.
Rick Trinidad, World Wide Public Sector, AWS
Xacta solves one of the major challenges that all security managers face – the perception that the manager is required to complete the compliance process all by themselves. With Xacta’s user management function, roles and privileges are assigned with astonishing granularity so the manager can easily assign various sections of the package to appropriate contributors, from the CEO to the most junior tech, while tracking and controlling the entire process.
Rodney N. Arthur, Director of IT, DCX-CHOL Enterprises
The two things organizations are demanding in GRC-related solutions are ease of use as well as relevant analytics and reporting. Organizations need 360° situational awareness of their risks in a context that is meaningful and relevant. Xacta is delivering this ease of use and situational awareness.
Michael Rasmussen, GRC 20/20
We recognize the value of Xacta in addressing the unique compliance needs of our customers, and we’re working with them to accelerate development time and bring this cyber risk management solution directly to Microsoft Azure users.
Lily Kim, General Manager, Azure Global at Microsoft
Xacta 360 is the solution behind the AWS security assurance team’s compliance support of C2S, reducing our manual effort and ATO times. The automated control update feature in some cases has eliminated four to six weeks of manual effort – per project – each time compliance regulations change.
Carl J. “CJ” Moses, Deputy CISO, AWS

The first commercial web-based application to automate cyber risk management and security compliance processes in 2000

Used by members of the U.S. Intelligence Community to automate the assessment and authorization (A&A) of more than 20,000 systems

Used by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as its standard enterprise solution for continuous security compliance

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