FedRAMP Automation

Xacta 360®: Reduce the time and cost needed to achieve and maintain FedRAMP compliance.

Use Xacta 360 for FedRAMP to:

  • Create a common working environment for all process participants
  • Reduce spending on advisory services
  • Speed compliance-approval processes for your cloud offerings
  • Streamline gathering and managing your security-related data
  • Automate the documentation needed for compliance reporting
  • Enable continuous monitoring of your compliance posture
The Xacta® 360 application for FedRAMP automates and streamlines the key steps in the FedRAMP process, including the creation and maintenance of the required documentation.  Our Xacta FedRAMP application covers all three phases of the authorization process.
Xacta 360 allows you to create system-specific documents and conduct a self-assessment. It uses a security questionnaire to determine the current security profile of your offering, replacing the gap assessment you’d normally pay a third-party assessment organization (3PAO) to perform.
Xacta 360 gives your sponsoring agency and 3PAO access to conduct assessment and authorization approvals. Any controls that failed during Pre-authorization will be moved to this phase, where you can do further risk analysis and create a mitigation plan.
Xacta 360 supports continuous monitoring and maintenance of your plan of action and milestones (POA&M) for mitigating risks. It lets you designate project personnel, review and change information, and set expiration dates for required controls.
The user-configurable application organizes the phases of the FedRAMP process into tasks and steps, and serves as a repository for all your project information. A progress bar shows users their progress while accrediting the project.
Xacta 360 walks you through the FedRAMP workflow in a logical order. You begin defining your system by collecting and recording system information that determines the controls that apply to that accreditation.
The questionnaire-driven workflow keeps track of and generates the documents you need to report on the compliance of your system. Your answers determine which tasks are available in order to simplify the process.
Xacta inherits the relevant common and hybrid security controls from your cloud host’s infrastructure, cutting manual effort by about 60% and reducing errors in populating the system with the right security controls data.
Complete this questionnaire for insights into how close you are to meeting the “FedRAMP Ready” designation that leads to ATO.
Contextual help offers definitions of terms and gives you an overview of the step you’re in or the form you’re filling out.
The Xacta FedRAMP application makes it easy to select and synchronize with your web host’s environment to keep your systems in synch.
Generate your complete Body of Evidence documentation in MS Word or as PDFs with the click of a button. No copy and pasting, no messing with spreadsheets or templates, no building your documents from the ground up. Templates can be customized with your company logo, watermarks, and other formatting.

Customer Testimonial

“Xacta dramatically eases the burden of managing the mountains of paperwork required for FedRAMP. When we need to update something, or adjust a control, it automatically updates all the necessary documents.”

-Mike Schaub, Information Security Manager, CloudCheckr

Xacta Saves you Time and Money in the FedRAMP Process

The Xacta FedRAMP application is an all-in-one tool for managing, testing, and documenting the compliance posture of your cloud offering.  It enables you to create and update your system security documentation and authorization package in just minutes — a major time-saver for staying secure in the face of rapid changes in the cloud.

The application is built on the Xacta platform for IT risk management and compliance — the premier solution for automating and streamlining NIST’s security frameworks. Serving some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations, Xacta’s capabilities have:

  • Reduced ATO process times from many months to just weeks
  • Eliminated four to six weeks of manual effort per project when compliance regulations changed
  • Avoided months of manual effort in identifying, inheriting, and managing controls

Without the Xacta FedRAMP application, the cost of advisory services to create your initial documentation package can run from $100,000 to $250,000.  Each gap analysis can cost $20,000 to $40,000.  And advisory services for continuous monitoring can be as high as $90,000.  In short, Xacta FedRAMP can save you well over $250,000 across the lifecycle of your cloud offering.

While exact time and cost savings are difficult to estimate for different organizations, most aspiring cloud service providers (CSPs) should experience substantial savings by using Xacta for FedRAMP.

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