Xacta® Compliance Campaign Manager

Faster and more efficient IT controls compliance and audit management.

IT controls compliance

Vendor risk assessments

Survey management

Internal audits

Xacta Compliance Campaign Manager is the complete solution for streamlining and simplifying IT policy compliance by offering a single application to use for IT controls compliance, data gathering, and policy management in federal and commercial environments.

Xacta CCM empowers you to create and distribute OCIL-based surveys and questionnaires for manual security checks, enforce controls for leading government and commercial standards, and crosswalk controls from different frameworks for greater efficiency and less redundancy.

If you’re ready to put an end to losing time and fixing errors that result from manually managing your compliance posture, take a closer look at the capabilities of Xacta CCM.

Configurable dashboard for assurance at a glance. Dashboard reports provide executives and campaign managers with insights into compliance status. Default reports include an enterprise overview report, status of all campaigns, list of top high-risk campaigns, and top overdue campaigns.
Creating and managing campaigns to support the compliance process. Compliance managers can select the controls needed for a campaign, assign campaigns to specific users and groups, establish campaign start and end dates, add escalation dates, and enforce continuous monitoring over the campaign.
Mapping controls to questionnaires. Administrators can map controls from various compliance frameworks to the relevant questionnaires. They can select any or all questionnaires that pertain to the control, save the selected mappings, and make changes to them later.
Schedule campaigns and continuously monitor controls. Xacta CCM lets you assign start and end dates to campaigns and specify whether the control should be continuously monitored.
Overall campaign status report. One of the many helpful reports available in Xacta CCM, this shows the total number of campaigns across the organizations, the number of campaigns at each stage, and a table that lists the campaigns, the organizations they belong to, status, point of contact, and start and end date of the campaign.
  • Compliance Management

    Streamlining assessments and reporting on compliance.

    Xacta CCM streamlines the challenging tasks you face in managing and reporting on compliance. These processes are organized into campaigns that cover specific IT controls.

  • Vendor Risk Assessment

    Protecting against failures in partner security.

    Xacta CCM helps you identify suitable vendors with pre-defined or custom-built questionnaires. By simplifying the conduct of vendor compliance assessments and result evaluation, your organization can focus on making sound vendor selection decisions.

  • Survey Management

    Taking control of gathering qualitative data for compliance and other requirements.

    Xacta CCM uses the NIST-defined Open Checklist Interactive Language (OCIL) schema to express and evaluate manual security checks. It also provides the flexibility to develop and manage internal audits, multi-purpose surveys and other data-gathering activities.

On-Demand Webinar

Combatting Audit Fatigue in IT Risk Management

This webinar focuses on issues that arise from having to support multiple compliance regimes and examine ways to harmonize standards that require varying levels of evidence and fidelity. Presented by Steve Horvath, Vice President of Strategy and Cloud for Telos Corporation, and AJ Turcot, Enterprise Account Executive for Telos Corporation, this on-demand webinar offers actionable strategies for combatting IT audit fatigue.

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