Xacta 360™: Your Solution for Continuous Compliance Auditing

Enables risk management and security compliance of cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid systems

Automates processes for assessment and authorization, remediation, and ongoing compliance

Demonstrates a standard of due care in cybersecurity backed by a body of evidence

Speeds and streamlines security compliance of workloads in commercial clouds

Xacta 360 Diagram - Cyber Risk Management Workflow Automation

Today’s enterprises face a growing number of complex IT risks, both internal and external to the organization. These challenges call for a comprehensive and flexible compliance audit software solution that automates the most time consuming compliance tasks, supports risk-based decision-making, and ensures compliance with multiple security standards across the enterprise.

For the nation’s most security-conscious organizations, that solution is here. Introducing Xacta 360 — the proven solution for cyber risk management and compliance, now with powerful new capabilities for the cloud.

Automates labor-intensive cyber risk and compliance management functions

Supports frameworks across industries with no-code customization

Reduces audit fatigue with control mapping

Optimized for cloud security assessments and deployments

Available as an on-premises, hosted, or SaaS solution

Available on AWS Marketplace and Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Benefits of Using Xacta for Risk Management and Compliance Auditing:

  • Manage, access, and visualize data for risk management across your enterprise.

    Xacta 360 enables security professionals to effectively manage risk on a day-to-day basis through continuous assessment and ongoing authorization of their on-premises and cloud computing environments. By automating the assessment and authorization processes involved in complying with government and business security mandates, Xacta 360 provides you with a comprehensive view of your security and compliance posture for immediate analysis and action.

  • The choice for managing complex cyber risk environments.

    Xacta 360 analyzes IT asset information collected seamlessly from a variety of systems including workloads based in the AWS cloud. It identifies, tracks, tests, and helps remediate security risks from the system up to the enterprise, and continuously monitors and audits compliance with the appropriate standards. Xacta 360 is the solution of choice for managing complex cyber risk environments and compliance processes in the cloud, on-premises, and in hybrid environments.

  • Xacta 360: Engineered for cloud compliance.

    Validating the security of cloud-based assets consumes a lot of time and resources. Business and IT decision-makers cite this challenge as a major stumbling block in moving to the cloud.

    To address these challenges, Xacta 360 has been optimized to smooth the security compliance of workloads and systems based in the cloud. With Xacta 360, you can inherit the pre-vetted security controls of the cloud services you use as well as streamline the multiple steps involved in validating the compliance of your own workloads.

    Working together, Xacta 360 and your cloud service enable you to reach and maintain security compliance in the cloud so you can move to the cloud and start getting its benefits.

While your cloud provider manages security OF the cloud, security IN the cloud is the responsibility of the customer. Xacta inherits the cloud provider’s security controls while enabling you to implement and manage security compliance for your own data, content, platform, applications, systems, and networks.

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Customers: responsible for security in the cloud. Cloud provider: responsible for security of the cloud.
Xacta Heat Map
With Xacta 360, users can see summaries of any residual risk in an easy-to-read heat map format.
Xacta 360 - At A Glance Progress
Xacta 360 offers a visual progress indicator that lets you know at a glance the progress of the overall project.
Customizable steps and fields let you tailor Xacta 360 to the needs of your users and your organization.
Help Page with Video Tutorials
Contextual help videos are available to show you exactly how to handle a step or process in the compliance process.
Xacta 360 lets users see the progress of tasks and projects as well as the entire approval chain for each task. Dropdowns let users filter their tasks by all roles or a specific role for greater insight into the tasks they’re responsible for.

Auto Test Plan Generation

Xacta generates a customizable and granular test plan that can be segmented by a variety of parameters such as physical or virtual location, operating system, asset type and more.

Control Inheritance

Xacta’s robust inheritance features help organizations capture the various layers of security and eliminate redundant compliance tasks. By inheriting pre-validated controls from other common control providers (maintained by the owners of those controls), Xacta’s automated control inheritance capability allows your organization to “knock out” controls and ultimately reduce what you are required to validate and document for your system.

Intelligent Workflow and Documentation

Throughout Xacta you can leverage data to make decisions on everything from hiding or revealing a single field, to implementing an approval process, or even automating risk evaluations and acceptance. These intelligent workflow capabilities remove the need for human intervention and decision making, therefore significantly speeding up your time to compliance.

Continuous Control Monitoring

Xacta allows you to assign control expirations and automatically notify the control owner or other stakeholders that they have an action to complete. The flexibility of this capability allows you automatically trigger revalidation of both technical and non-technical tests.

Risk Analysis and Reporting

Xacta’s native quantitative and qualitative approach provides flexibility to accommodate a variety of approaches. Users can leverage the risk scoring provided out of the box, or configure a custom algorithm. In addition, any data field within the application can be translated into a value that is used as part of your risk calculation. Risk reports can be viewed through the application or exported via API to a corporate risk management solution.

Telos recognized as a Sample Vendor in the Gartner® Hype Cycle for Cyber Risk Management 2023.

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Customer Testimonial

“With Xacta’s user management function, the security manager has the ability to assign various sections of the compliance package. From the CEO to the most junior tech, the manager can assign roles and privileges with astonishing granularity, and then track and control the entire process.” 

-Rodney N. Arthur, Director of IT, DCX-CHOL Enterprises

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In this blog post, author Olive Santillan talks about how the team behind Xacta continually modifies and changes the platform to streamline the process of upgrading from older versions of regulations to newer ones.

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