Telos Licensed ASCA Services

Fast and experienced cybersecurity services, certified for Air Force environments

As an IT security official for the Air Force, you need a trusted partner to support your assessment and authorization (A&A) endeavors. A partner whose proven solutions and hands-on experience in environments like yours will not only offer you an efficient validation process, but will also mean an improved cybersecurity posture.

For fast, certified services from experienced cybersecurity professionals, you need Telos Corporation — the trusted name for cybersecurity and a licensed commercial Agent of the Security Control Assessor (ASCA) (General License) for the U.S. Air Force.

Turn to Telos ASCA for Fast and Experienced Cybersecurity Services

Being a licensed ASCA means we’re an independent agent of the Air Force Senior Information Security Officer (SISO), certified to conduct hands-on system security assessments, test and evaluate systems, and develop the documentation needed to support Air Force A&As. Telos will interact directly with the Air Force Security Control Assessor (SCA) to provide ATO recommendations.

Shorten the timeline to authorization to operate (ATO) or connect (ATC) by months

Accurate, consistent, and trusted security assessments

Expertise in the NIST RMF and CNSSI 1253 controls for transition from DIACAP to DoD RMF

Our team of highly qualified and experienced evaluators can:
  1. Test completely your systems, networks, applications, and Platform IT (PIT) security and protection features;
  2. Evaluate fully your system documentation, policies, processes, procedures, and operations environment;
  3. Validate accurately for compliance with CNSSI 1253, NIST SP 800-53 r5, and other pertinent DoD security control guidance with remediation recommendations for non-compliant controls; and
  4. Deliver quickly the RMF security package within the eMASS framework.

Working through Telos can be faster and more efficient than other alternatives, helping you meet the tightest deadlines for certifying your systems. Using a licensed ASCA can reduce or eliminate SCA-review wait times and compress the timeline to ATO/ATC by months. As a licensed ASCA, we provide accurate, consistent, and reliable assessments on time and within budget.

Telos has proficiency with a wide range of system types:
  • Tactical C4I
  • Weapon
  • Enterprise
  • Business / laboratory networks
  • Mission applications / programs of record
  • Financial
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
  • Real-time embedded
  • Electronic sensors
  • Platform IT (PIT)
  • Healthcare (HIPAA)

What Makes Telos ASCA the Preferred Choice for Cybersecurity Services?


Telos Licensed ASCA Services

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