Telos Ghost®

You can't exploit what you can't see.

Makes your users and their locations anonymous on the network

Provides high levels of security through network obfuscation, encryption, managed attribution, and dynamic IP routing

Offers secure mobile and remote access everywhere you need it

Available as Network as a Service (NaaS) and as specific voice and video applications

Operating under the philosophy that “you can’t exploit what you can’t see,” the Telos Ghost virtual obfuscation network offers a completely anonymous way for modern companies and government agencies to conduct business, connect to global resources, and do research online.

Telos Ghost is a robust, scalable, secure communications network-as-a-service that privatizes

the public internet to hide network resources and masks the identity and location of personnel to ensure total protection as they conduct their operations. 

These same capabilities can also hide servers, applications, and unified mobile communications to ensure completely private voice, text, video, and chat over any device.

Telos Ghost protects personnel, information, and network resources in industries and applications where security, privacy, and confidentiality are paramount.
The Telos Ghost virtual obfuscation network-as-a-service provides a completely private and isolated environment that keeps users, their work, and their resources hidden from unauthorized access.

The unique architecture and capabilities of the Telos Ghost virtual obfuscation network provide high levels of security through multiple layers of encryption, network obfuscation, and proprietary-based mesh algorithms for dynamic IP routing among cloud transit nodes. Advanced managed attribution provides a second level of security by providing complete anonymity of your users and their locations.

Telos Ghost offers private, shared, or hybrid cloud-based access, allowing you to own your own private network without the cost of designing, implementing and managing the network yourself. Its flexible network capabilities are offered as a service and as tailored applications.

Telos Ghost protects your enterprise in three important ways:

Telos Ghost Private Web Access

Secure, anonymous Internet access

Private Web Access disguises the identity and location of personnel when using the public web for secure remote access, threat intelligence, and competitive research.

Telos Ghost Private Network Access

Leased-line security with VPN flexibility

Private Network Access allows authorized users to work with mission-critical information and enterprise network resources and applications without being seen or discovered.

Telos Ghost Cloaked Services

Encrypted voice and video communications, storage, and applications

Cloaked Services provide remote users with the ability to securely talk, text, email, store information, and use video and applications over any mobile device.


Improving Endpoint Security via Obfuscation and Managed Attribution

Networks of tomorrow need to be architected in such a way as to frustrate attackers to the point where they go in search of other networks that are easier to attack. Networks of tomorrow need to be dynamic.

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Ideal for the most security-conscious enterprises.

Telos Ghost virtual obfuscation network offerings are ideal for highly sensitive and confidential communications in requirements such as:

  • Assured secure remote access to enterprise-wide and proprietary systems and assets
  • Deployed communications / remote users / low-profile reachback
  • Security-conscious industries such as financial services, law firms, insurance, healthcare
  • Critical infrastructure protection: utilities, emergency services, telecommunications
  • Communities of interests such as the military, first responders, disaster recovery, and law enforcement

Telos Ghost offers an effective communication capability to enhance security, mobility and survivability across the spectrum of distributed operations:

  • Provides secure mobile access everywhere you need it
  • Makes your users and their locations anonymous on the network
  • Hides your identity and location; cannot be geo-located
  • Provides high levels of security through encryption and obfuscation
  • VDI capability provides persistent and non-persistent VMs for unique persona-based access
  • Offered as a subscription on a shared or dedicated network


The revolution of obfuscation for cybersecurity and threat intelligence

Success in cyber defense and threat intelligence is increasingly tied to the emerging best practice of anonymizing — or obfuscating — sensitive data and user information.

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