Telos Ghost®

Eliminate attack surface areas to protect your critical assets

Your critical assets and online personnel are under constant threat of attack by cyber criminals. The best way to protect them is to hide them totally from the public internet.

You can’t exploit what you can’t see.
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Private Web Access

Secure, anonymous Internet access

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Private Network Access

Leased-line security with VPN flexibility

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Cloaked Services and Storage

Encrypted communication, storage and applications

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Eliminate Attack Surface Areas

Telos Ghost prevents attackers from discovering your critical assets by making them invisible to cyber adversaries. Powered by patented technologies that vary network pathways, route traffic among dynamic IP addresses, and adds multiple layers of encryption, Telos Ghost makes it impossible to track your online traffic.

Impenetrable. Stop Extinction-Level Attacks.

Cyber attacks — especially ransomware attacks on critical assets — can bring your operations to a screeching halt.

Telos Ghost hides your critical assets in a labyrinth of anonymous nodes, so that they remain impenetrable even if there is a breach.

The most effective way to keep your network, people and assets safe is to make them disappear. Watch our short video on Telos Ghost.

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