Telos Ghost:
Network Obfuscation As-A-Service

Eliminate attack surfaces to protect your critical assets

Protect your critical assets with network obfuscation

Telos Ghost protects personnel, information, and network resources in industries and applications where security, privacy, and confidentiality are paramount.
Attack surfaces within organizations

Organizations have too many attack surfaces for IT teams to defend and only a subset of security risks is visible to them. Without a robust layer of security that hides pathways, security teams are forced to manually locate and defend all possible attack surfaces within and without their network, including every interaction they take on the public internet. These efforts are fraught with ambiguity and the risk of unseen vulnerabilities, and often result in loss of data and business downtime. The most effective way to keep your network, people and assets safe is to make them disappear.

Telos Ghost®, a cloud-based virtual obfuscation network as-a-service, enables organizations to hide their most critical assets, data, devices, and personnel from adversaries.

Private Web Access: Secure, anonymous internet access

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Telos Ghost® Private Web Access hides user identities and locations from the public internet. With Private Web Access, users can instantly blend into their background as nondescript web traffic. Telos Ghost hides their online activities, masks their identities and misattributes their locations to hide their presence on the internet. Combining technologies such as encryption, traffic mixing, and misdirection techniques ensure your online activities remain anonymous, private, and secure.

Some use cases for Telos Ghost Private Web Access includes secure remote access, anonymous online research, and cyber threat intelligence.

With Telos Ghost Private Web Access, organizations have access to the Telos Ghost transit cloud which is managed by Telos and is shared with other users.

Private Network Access: Leased-line security with VPN flexibility

Telos Ghost Private Network Access

For organizations that need a dedicated network for their exclusive use, Telos Ghost Private Network Access is the answer. Telos Ghost Private Network Access enables authorized users to work with mission-critical enterprise information without being seen or discovered. Software and system agnostic and accessible from any device and location, Telos Ghost Private Network Access is a network obfuscation solution that provides a full security solution while maintaining your existing security services. Customers can own their own private network without additional CAPEX costs – no ownership or maintenance costs.

Organizations can leverage Telos Ghost Private Network Access to secure:

  • Critical data in motion with no detectable latency
  • Interactions with clients, customers, and partners
  • Remote office and mobile worker interactions

Cloaked Services and Storage: Encryption communication, storage and application

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Employee mobility has revolutionized how organizations run their business, but it also introduced new security risks. Mobile users spend 80 percent of their time outside of the protected corporate perimeter and hackers are taking advantage of this increased mobility to prey on the next unsuspecting victims. It only takes one breached device to cripple your organization’s operations, endanger critical assets, and ruin your brand.

Telos Ghost Cloaked Services secure mobile communications including voice, text, video, chat, and emails. Executives and key personnel who need confidential and anonymous mobile communications while away from the corporate office or on travel would benefit from this service.

Benefits include:

• Share information and collaborate in real-time privately and securely

• Protect critical and sensitive information and applications from unauthorized access – inside and outside the organization

• Device and platform agnostic – use any phone, tablet, computer or operating system

• Keep users safe: they can’t be traced or geolocated

Zero Trust and Telos Ghost


Telos Ghost augments your existing enterprise VPN or Zero Trust architecture and can be used in parallel to provide an additional layer of security for your most sensitive data and assets. As a network-as-a-service, enterprises can own their own network without all the ownership and maintenance costs. Telos Ghost is offered as managed, hybrid or private network.

It’s time to think differently about cybersecurity.

Hackers are constantly looking for vulnerabilities into your network. Telos Ghost hides user identities, networks and organizations from cyber adversaries. After all, you can’t exploit what you can’t see.

Tor Network and Telos Ghost

While both Tor and Telos Ghost utilize onion-routing technology to hide identities and locations, there are differences between the two networks. The biggest one is that Tor is a volunteer-run service available to anyone who wants anonymity on the public internet. It’s free for everyone — including hackers. 

Telos Ghost is a private network and can ensure that only authorized users are allow to access the network.

Differences between the two networks:

Telos Ghost
Private network managed and built by Telos. Only authorized users are permitted access to the network.
All nodes are private.
Telos Ghost can exit to public internet, private cloud and on-premises enclave.
Hidden mobile communications: voice, video, chat and data.


Tor Network
Free, worldwide, volunteer overlay network. Available to everyone including hackers.
Exit nodes, IP addresses are public and searchable.
Only exits to the public internet.
Fortress Cyber Security Award 2021
Cyber Security Excellence Awards Winner 2022