Benefits of Implementing Virtual Desktops

Desktop obfuscation and managed attribution for your cyber workforce.

It’s called “digital exhaust” or “digital footprints.”  Even “digital dandruff.” Whatever you call it, it’s the telltale evidence you leave behind about your presence, your activities, and even your identity whenever you work on the internet.  Covering your tracks is essential when you’re doing sensitive online research and investigations.

The Telos Ghost® Virtual Desktop Interface is a valuable tool for solving this challenge with desktop obfuscation. With Telos Ghost’s VDI, you can set up a series of Virtual Machines (VMs), each of which can be used to establish a distinct persona in a given location. These non-persistent VMs give you the power to control both the technical and personal pieces of the equation, successfully leveraging desktop obfuscation to manage attribution for your entire device.

All information you leak from the VM will support and enhance the authenticity of the persona you seek to establish. When you log off from your virtual session, your persona disappears.

Benefits of implementing a virtual desktop infrastructure via Telos Ghost instead of Tor or one-hop proxy solutions:

  • Confidently use one machine for multiple personas, knowing that all technical and personal information is remaining distinct for each established persona.
  • Easily switch between personas by accessing a new VM, reducing time and workflow complications for your employees.
  • Do everything you need to establish your persona — check email, social media accounts, browse the web, log into Google properties — all while leaking the right information.
  • By masking traffic at the network level and using all ports and all protocols, unlike one-hop proxy solutions using targeted ports and protocols, your actual identity and location are virtually impossible to track down.
  • No discernable latency enables users to operate normally without distinction while online.

Reduce risk. Strengthen security. Simplify workflow. Increase productivity. All with Telos Ghost’s Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) and desktop obfuscation.

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