Server Protection

Telos Ghost® protects your critical production and backup servers with fully encrypted and hidden online storage.

Cybersecurity threat levels continue to increase with attacks coming from hacktivists, state actors, scammers, and cybercrime groups, not to mention internal threats. This poses a significant risk to an organization’s critical servers, whose breach could devastate their ability to continue operations. It’s essential that these crown jewels be protected from ransomware, exfiltration, and other threats, both at rest and when accessed by authorized users.

At the same time, few enterprises are confident in their ability to protect their critical IT assets. Most IT security and compliance professionals think their organizations need additional protections to defend their network infrastructures. Most also believe they must improve their ability to prevent attackers from accessing servers. But with limited budgets and technology resource bandwidth, achieving these objectives remains elusive as threat levels remain high.

A survey of IT, security and compliance professionals found that:


would sleep better if they could hide critical assets from the public internet


believe the tools they use to protect segmented assets are not sufficient


reported that successful cyberattacks that reached critical assets

Source: Evolution of Critical IT Asset Protection: How Organizations Defend against Extinction-level Events (Vanson Bourne, 2021 Report)

Comprehensive Server Protection Designed to Safeguard Critical Data

Comprehensive Server Protection Designed to Safeguard Critical Data

Telos Ghost® Cloaked Services is the answer for comprehensive server protection (including backup and recovery servers). Telos Ghost lets you hide servers within an invisible cloud repository that only authorized users can see and access. In the event of a malicious ransomware attack, backup servers hidden within the Telos Ghost cloud enable organizations to restore data and quickly recover operations. The solution can be deployed to cloak servers hosting sensitive records, confidential research, intellectual property, and other assets whose compromise could be an “extinction event” for an organization with sensitive information.

The Telos Ghost virtual obfuscation network uses multiple layers of encryption and proprietary mesh algorithms to hide the presence of servers and eliminate attack surfaces:

Provides authorized access through a virtual private transit cloud

Cloaks servers to make IT assets impenetrable even if a network is breached

Varies user pathways and removes IP source addresses

Applies patented methodologies for encryption and dynamic IP routing

Limits pathways to one user so hackers can’t see other activity or move laterally

Telos Ghost further protects servers by sending user data through random virtualized cloud nodes to the exit node to ensure critical information is kept hidden while sent and retrieved. With all the security measures implemented within Telos Ghost, hackers have zero visibility into attack surfaces so they cannot exploit critical assets. 

Telos Ghost Unique Features:

Dynamic IP routing
Hides end-user activity and IT assets in a labyrinth of network nodes

Multi-layered encryption
Applies four layers of AES 256 encryption as data traverses networks

Cloaked critical assets
Cordons off servers in an invisible, undiscoverable vault

Offered as a shared or dedicated network-as-a-service, Telos Ghost gives users the flexibility to access IT assets with software clients, hardware clients, virtual machines, or mobile apps. The solution deploys quickly and can be layered with other security products to create a suite of comprehensive tools to stay ahead of cybercriminals and block threats against your company’s critical servers—the life-blood of your operations.