Secure Remote Access

Telos Ghost® makes your remote personnel and their work invisible on the network.

In an era when organizations must support remote workforces in unprecedented numbers, you need to provide a scalable work-from-anywhere solution that assures the security and privacy of the enterprise, its assets, and its personnel. 

Remote security and privacy are essential in fields such as healthcare, financial services, critical infrastructure, government, and others where personnel are now handling sensitive data and transactions over home internet connections, possibly using a personally owned device.

Telos Ghost is the ideal solution for supporting remote personnel who handle mission-critical information. 

Telos Ghost provides high levels of network obfuscation, multiple layers of encryption, and the ability to hide the presence of critical network resources, so organizations and their personnel can become invisible on the network for the ultimate in secure remote access.

The Telos Ghost virtual obfuscation network offers a level of protection that augments your existing enterprise VPN or Zero Trust architecture, or can be used in parallel with them to protect your most sensitive information and transactions.

Telos Ghost protects remote personnel, their work, and the enterprise itself by hiding sensitive information and transactions in a privatized internet.

Telos Ghost for remote access offers:

Obfuscation – confuses adversaries with various types of obfuscation methods, multiple layers of encryption, and disappearing source and destination addresses.
Managed attribution – lets remote personnel create and manage a low-profile persona that helps them get “lost in the crowd” to work safely and confidently.

Dynamic IP routing – information flows through a highly dynamic network vs. a static or single-path network; every user and every session uses a different route through a privatized internet.
Network-as-a-service – no network to architect and deploy, no hardware or software to maintain. Just log on and disappear into a virtual network that totally privatizes internet communications.

Who uses Telos Ghost?

Many of our customers in the public and private sectors do not allow us to publicly disclose their identity. However, if you contact us for a private demo and your organization meets our standards, we can share additional information in confidence.

WHite paper

Achieving Invisibility for Ultra-Secure Remote Access

Download this white paper for insights into how to protect remote personnel and information in such sensitive fields as financial services, healthcare, critical infrastructure, and education.

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On-Demand Webinar

Become Invisible for Ultimate Secure Remote Access

Watch this on-demand event for a look at the challenges that highly regulated enterprises face when supporting their remote workforce.

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