Anonymous Search

Investigate and Influence Online—Without Leaving Footprints

When conducting competitive research, cyber threat analysis, computer surveillance, and social influence activities, it’s imperative target audiences don’t know you’re there. Researchers and analysts may inadvertently leak data or compromise confidential positions by leaving behind a trail of passive information leaks or digital exhaust. While intelligence feeds play vital roles in executing online investigations and influence campaigns, they’re not anonymous and they’re traceable. Even tools such as overlay networks and one-hop proxies can sometimes allow users to be discovered.

What’s needed is managed attribution without an identifiable source location that controls your complete online presence—not just the browser or specific applications. It’s also critical to eliminate discernible latency to ensure your intelligence team can work quickly in collecting vital information that enables you to protect your digital assets and your intellectual property.

1 in 13

web requests that lead to malware

Source: Symantec

12.8 million

websites infected with malware worldwide

Source: Sitelock

1 in 10

malicious sites are hosted on a non-malicious domain

Source: Webroot

The starting point for assuring researcher and influencer team security is an integrated digital environment that’s purpose-built for safe, anonymous searches. Telos Ghost® provides the answer with an isolated networking infrastructure that enables private online activity without drawing unwanted attention.

Cyber researchers can inadvertently leak data and leave behind a trail of digital exhaust. Telos Ghost enables cyber researchers to blend into their digital environment and conduct safe, anonymous online searches.

Makes it impossible for hackers to determine the source or direction of network traffic

Eliminates source and destination IP addresses from node to node

Sends user data through random virtualized cloud nodes to the exit node

Ensures critical information sent and retrieved is kept hidden

Swaps end-point IP addresses and changes point of presence on-demand

Telos Ghost is the perfect operating environment for cyber intelligence gathering, red teaming, pen testing, and threat research. It keeps your teams from leaving behind digital footprints that jeopardize their mission and open your vital digital assets to attack. Deploy Telos Ghost today to keep your intelligence hunters from being hunted.

Telos Ghost Unique Features:

Dynamic IP routing
Hides cyber investigation teams in a labyrinth of network nodes.

Multi-layered encryption
Applies four layers of AES 256 encryption as data traverses networks

Cloaked critical assets
Cordons off threat intelligence systems and devices in an invisible, undiscoverable vault

Telos Ghost deploys quickly and can be layered with other security products to create a suite of comprehensive threat intelligence tools. The robust threat intelligence capabilities can play a mission-critical role in your IT security strategy, giving you the ability to stay ahead of cybercriminals and block threats against your company’s infrastructure—the life-blood of your operations.