Private Web Access

Anonymous worldwide private internet access.

Telos Ghost® Private Web Access disguises the identity and location of personnel and protects their information and transactions when using the public web for remote work, cyber threat intelligence, and competitive research. It provides users with dynamic access for every session and assures that your traffic securely traverses the virtual private lines of the Telos Ghost network.

Scalable and flexible, Telos Ghost Private Web Access allows users multiple points of international or domestic egress to the public internet based on customer requirements. Traffic mixing and misdirection techniques ensure your activity remains anonymous and private.

Current uses:


  • Keep users and information safe on the internet
  • Protect remote and mobile users as they conduct urgent business while working offsite
  • Gather information, deliver intel, and make informed decisions faster and with confidence against threats
  • Conceal your cybersecurity analysts and operatives while they do research online

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