Private Network Access

Privatizes the public Internet for protection superior to any VPN

Telos Ghost® Private Network Access allows authorized users to work with mission-critical enterprise information without being seen or discovered. It enables the establishment of sustainable cybersecurity infrastructure, providing multilayered secure tunnels for all data traffic and obscuring the correlation between the entry doorways and the client cloud or premises-based enclave from external observers. Software and system agnostic, and accessible from any device and location, Telos Ghost Private Network Access provides a full security solution while maintaining your existing encryption and software services.

Current uses:

  • Connect employees to corporate network resources
  • Access to secure computing environments
  • Secure distribution of corporate assets
  • Securely connect to distributed databases
  • Secure connectivity to cloud or premises-based private enclaves

Secure critical data in motion with no detectable latency 

  • Multiple work groups able to securely share networks
  • Secures large volumes of data in real time

Secure interactions with clients, customers, and partners 

  • Keep their information and transactions safe with private secure communications

Secure remote office and mobile worker interactions 

  • Secure anytime/anyplace
  • Provides secure network between people, process, and data
Secure, private, cloud-based mobile solution for voice, video, network, and web access.
Advanced network obfuscation techniques keep personnel, information, and digital resources secure and private.
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