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Organizations today are increasingly connected to one another and to the world via enterprise networks and the public internet. They must be able to protect their people and information in the digital realm while also empowering their security experts to covertly investigate and actively defend against cyber threats.

Telos Ghost® was built specifically by intelligence experts to assure the safety and security of organizations that do business in a globally connected world. Its use of encryption, obfuscation techniques, and managed attribution enables users, their devices, and their information to disappear while traversing the network.

Telos Ghost disguises Defense Department cyber operators so they can conduct threat assessments without revealing their location and identity. It empowers worldwide businesses to covertly research bad actors and to generate the intel needed to protect their customers and partners. And it can hide critical infrastructure from detection in the digital realm to foil exploitation attempts.

These and other applications show the power of Telos Ghost for empowering and protecting today’s globally connected enterprises in business and government.

Telos Ghost protects cyber researchers by masking their identities, misattributing their locations, and hiding their presence.
A Telos Ghost network protected this global firm’s threat investigations in locations around the world.
Hide your critical resources so the cybercriminals can’t see them.
Securing Cyber Red Teams on the Internet
How Telos Ghost Helped a Global Financial Services Firm Fight Cybercrime
Telos Ghost for Critical Infrastructure Protection

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