Cybersecurity for Energy and Utilities

Telos Ghost for Utilities

Keep critical industrial control systems within energy and utility organizations hidden from cybersecurity attacks

Utility company industrial control systems (ICS) that enable the delivery of critical services—electricity, water, oil, gas, and transportation—sit right in the crosshairs of cybercriminals. Nation-state threat actors target ICS networks at utilities—knowing just how much these environments impact the lives of citizens.

In light of the many FBI and CISA bulletins that continue to emerge, utility leaders keep investing in the latest cybersecurity solutions. But to ensure service availability and make sure their companies don’t appear in the headlines because of a cybersecurity breach, utilities also need to deploy a new strategy that enables them to leverage cloud technologies. Legacy ICS isn’t designed for exposure to the internet and is now vulnerable to even simple attacks.


security incidents for oil and gas utilities in 2020—with 355 data disclosures

– Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report


of industrial sites with at least one remotely accessible device

– CyberX 2020 Global IoT/ICS Risk Report


of ICS vulnerabilities remotely exploitable through network attack vectors

– ICS Risk & Vulnerability Report

As these statistics illustrate, it’s time for utilities to think about security differently. Instead of focusing on protecting the perimeter and digital assets, it’s time to secure the internet itself. Telos Ghost® answers the call—delivering the power of invisibility by hiding servers, applications, and mobile communications from the internet so attackers can’t find the targets they want to infiltrate.

Cybersecurity for energy and utilities: The Telos Ghost® virtual obfuscation network uses multiple layers of encryption and proprietary mesh algorithms to protect utilities from cybersecurity attacks.

Privatizes the public internet to hide network resources and mask user identities

Sends traffic through complicated routes and covers details of devices, files and network pathways

Makes SCADA and DCS DMZs undiscoverable by concealing them in a cloak of invisibility

Protects PLCs and PACs from unauthorized access by hiding control networks

Prevents intrusions from spreading horizontally across IT and OT networks by hiding attack vectors

Telos Ghost makes it impossible for unauthorized users to see internet-connected ICS resources. Cybercriminals cannot identify targets based on network-defined or static identity information, and they can’t decipher the nature of an organization’s communication protocols. Critical resources always remain concealed.

Telos Ghost Unique Features:

Dynamic IP Routing

Hides transactions and communications in a labyrinth of network nodes.

Multi-layered encryption

Protects sensitive and personally identifiable information from unauthorized access.

Cloaked critical assets

Cordons off systems and devices in an invisible, undiscoverable vault.

By hiding your ICS networks and your data from the public internet, Telos Ghost improves the overall cybersecurity of energy and utility companies by making such assets invisible and inaccessible to adversaries—cordoning them off from your enterprise network. Even if attackers enter parts of the environment through a hacked or stolen device, they won’t be able to find any digital assets hidden in the Telos Ghost virtual obfuscation network.