Research Institutions

Ensuring Collaboration is Private and Secure

A cybersecurity strategy for research institutions needs to secure collaboration while at the same time protecting confidential research and IP data.

Researcher’s work is constantly under the onslaught of cybersecurity threats from competitors and nation states looking to steal valuable research and intellectual property data. Each year, $300 billion in intellectual property is stolen.

Further complicating security at research universities is the collaborative environment among researchers. Collaboration is the lifeblood of any research institution, but the open collaborative environment is also a breeding ground for hackers. Unfortunately, research institutions are not doing nearly enough to secure researcher’s “life-work”.

The key to solving this challenge is a strong pre-emptive cybersecurity strategy that “hides” these valuable assets from the public and from cyber adversaries while maintaining a secure collaboration environment.

31.5 terabytes

of university intellectual property stolen by nation-state threat actors in 2020

– CyberScoop

$300 billion

annual cost to the U.S. economy for stolen intellectual property

– U.S. Government Publishing Office

6.7 million

malware attacks against education institutions during a typical 30-day stretch

– Microsoft Security Intelligence

These statistics underscore the importance of pre-emptive cybersecurity strategy to secure researcher’s “life-work.” Telos Ghost® answers the call—delivering the power of invisibility to hide servers, applications, and unified mobile communications from the internet. Attackers simply can’t find the targets they want to infiltrate.

Telos Ghost® protects researchers and higher education institutions from malware, ransomware, phishing, data exfiltration, and other attacks:

Privatizes the public internet to hide network resources and mask user identities

Hides large data sets from everyone except researchers working on them

Reduces attack surfaces to prevent cyberattacks by using untraceable connections

Encrypts intellectual property data in transit from endpoints to the network

Removes user digital footprints as they collaborate and communicate online

Telos Ghost eliminates cyberattack surfaces by implementing next-generation cybersecurity technologies. You not only protect end-user privacy and security, but also ensure your critical enterprise network resources are invisible on the public internet and inaccessible to threat actors.

Telos Ghost Unique Features:

Dynamic IP Routing

Hides transactions and communications in a labyrinth of network nodes.

Multi-layered encryption

Protects sensitive and personally identifiable information from unauthorized access.

Cloaked critical assets

Cordons off systems and devices in an invisible, undiscoverable vault.

With Telos Ghost, higher education institutions can protect faculty, researchers, students, systems, and data—without attempting to secure every endpoint in their dispersed dynamic environments. Even if attackers enter parts of the environment through a hacked or stolen device, they won’t be able to find any digital assets.

To learn more, request a demo, or inquire about a free, no-obligation trial of Telos Ghost, call us at 1-800-70-TELOS (800-708-3567) or fill out our contact form today.