Search Anonymously. Work Without Fear of Discovery.

Telos Ghost

Cyber threat analysts, red teams, and fraud investigators probe the open web seeking publicly available resources – such as company websites, public records, press releases or social media posts – that can be turned into useful intelligence to help fuel their investigations. However, the work may unintentionally reveal their presence on the internet, their geographic locations and even their identities, or worse, expose attack surfaces for hackers to exploit.  

As such, investigators need to be able to conduct their searches anonymously.


Of investigators stress the need for anonymity and privacy in online research


State the need to protect our IT infrastructure while browsing unsafe sites/malicious content


Strongly agreed that they need integrated tools for evidence capture, analysis and storage

*2020 Global Financial Crimes Study

Every time a user browses the internet, a digital trail is left behind as a roadmap of the investigator’s activities.  Today’s sites are full of tracking links that gather information on traffic sources and how users reached the website. By clicking one of these links, investigators are leaving behind a digital clue to their location and exposing the organizations they work for.

If discovered by the target or by bad actors, ramifications can include:

  • Risk of jeopardizing the investigation
  • Retribution as hackers attempt to breach the organization’s network
  • Misinformation to mislead the investigation in another direction

The best way to protect investigators, their online research activities, and the organization is to prevent them from being seen in the first place.

Telos Ghost®, a cloud-based obfuscation and non-attribution network, enables investigators to search anonymously and blend into the background as nondescript web traffic.

Specify your location to appear to be coming from a location around the world

Traffic mixing and misdirection techniques ensure online activities are private

Multiple layers of encryption ensure research data is kept hidden from bad actors

Telos Ghost Unique Features

Managed attribution: Disguise your investigator’s identity to ensure anonymity and privacy

Dynamic IP routing: Hide investigator’s activities in a labyrinth of network nodes

Multi-layered encryption: Make your research data impenetrable

With Telos Ghost, fraud analysts and online investigators can work without fear of discovery.