Healthcare Cybersecurity Solutions

Protect patient information, on-premises medical equipment, and remote devices from persistent cyberattacks

Healthcare professionals consult a tablet with patient information. Telos Ghost helps in protecting healthcare assets and information.

Healthcare providers, payers, and business associates process vast amounts of protected information. The value of this data draws threat actors from across the globe, hoping to compromise digital assets and hold them for ransom or to sell on the dark web. Protecting healthcare assets has become a critical priority for these organizations.

To solve this challenge, healthcare information security teams need to protect a wide range of technologies. These include legacy billing and procurement platforms as well as workstations with outdated operating systems. Then there are the newer technologies—remote internet-connected telemedicine devices and on-premises medical IoT devices, ranging from patient wristbands to crash cart trackers and wearable biosensors. The challenge of protecting healthcare assets in such diversity is daunting.

$20.8 billion

Cost of ransomware attacks on US healthcare organizations in 2020



Healthcare organizations still using legacy systems vulnerable to ransomware

-2020 HIMMS Cybersecurity Survey


Increase in number of healthcare breaches from 2019 to 2020

– Bitglass Healthcare Breach Report 2021

Without advanced security controls, all these healthcare systems and devices are vulnerable to cyberattacks that allow threat actors to breach patient health records, clinical information systems, patient-visit video streams, medical images, pharma and life sciences research, and other sensitive records. It’s time to develop a new paradigm for IT security.

The Telos Ghost® virtual obfuscation network protects healthcare organizations, patients, clinical staff, and other personnel from crippling cybersecurity attacks.

Shields healthcare records and mission-critical devices from external and internal threats

Keeps remote healthcare and telemedicine exams and consults private and confidential

Makes healthcare transaction networks invisible to cybercriminals on the public internet

Creates a secure medical research architecture with VDI and other privatizing infrastructure

Protects confidential voice, text, email, video, and chat in a global anonymous network

Healthcare organizations maintain strict security protocols over physical access to on-premises medical equipment and patient files. A truly comprehensive healthcare cybersecurity solution should ensure that these critical assets and their sensitive information stay secure. That’s the strategy behind network obfuscation—Telos Ghost eliminates cyberattack surfaces and hides critical assets so your medical staff and patients can confidentially interact online. 

Telos Ghost Unique Features

Dynamic IP routing
Hides healthcare transactions and communications in a labyrinth of network nodes.

Multi-layered encryption
Protects sensitive health and personally identifiable information from unauthorized access.

Cloaked critical assets

Cordons off the medical systems and devices in an invisible, undiscoverable vault.

With Telos Ghost, healthcare providers, payers, and business associates can hide servers, applications, and mobile communications from the network. So even if attackers enter parts of the environment through a hacked or stolen device, they can’t find the organization’s digital assets.