Cybersecurity for Financial Institutions

Protect your critical assets, sensitive transactions, and confidential research from cyber adversaries.

Telos Ghost is a digital vault to protect critical financial assets.

The SEC has warned that financial institutions need to improve the security of their storage systems, whether on premises or in the cloud. New regulations are emerging to encourage organizations to protect critical financial assets, but many organizations are still figuring out how to handle this effort.

Zero Trust is a step forward, but Zero Trust alone is not the final answer. BYOD, third-party apps, and remote workforces are pushing finserv organizations toward a decentralized trust model that is hard to secure, even when Zero Trust is in use. It’s time for CIOs and CISOs to find a better way to keep their data out of the hands of criminals.


How much more likely finserv firms are to be attacked than businesses in other sectors

– Boston Consulting Group


of finserv organizations have experienced a security incident

– Ponemon Institute

$5.85 million

Average total cost of a data breach in the financial services sector in 2020

– Banking Exchange

Threats are proliferating. Costs of breaches continue to grow. Competitors are looking for digital footprints that lead to sensitive information.  Regulatory fines and reputation damage add to the pain. If you’re an executive or IT specialist in financial services, it’s time to think differently about what it takes to protect critical financial assets for financial services.

Telos Ghost®, a virtual obfuscation network, can help protect financial institutions, their customers, and staff from crippling cybersecurity attacks:

Shields financial records and other mission-critical assets from external and internal threats

Hides fraud and financial crimes investigators from discovery while they’re online

Makes financial transaction networks invisible to cybercriminals on the public internet

Creates a digital disguise for cyber threat and fraud investigators working online

Protects confidential voice, text, email, video, and chat in a global anonymous network

A bank has a steel vault for cash and valuables in addition to locks, alarms, and video surveillance to protect the facility. That ensures the most critical assets stay secure — even if there’s a hold-up or break-in. That’s the strategy behind Telos Ghost network obfuscation. Telos Ghost eliminates cyber attack surfaces and hides critical assets, improving the overall cybersecurity posture of financial institutions.

Telos Ghost Unique Features

Dynamic IP routing
Hides financial transactions and communications in a labyrinth of network nodes.

Multi-layered encryption
Protects sensitive financial and personally identifiable information from unauthorized access.

Cloaked critical assets
Cordon off the crown jewels of your organization in an indivisible, undiscoverable vault.

With Telos Ghost, banks, financial services organizations, and insurance firms can cordon off their most valuable assets from view and protect the sensitive transactions and communications that support their customers.