Enterprise Network Privacy

Anonymous users. Anonymous end points.
Anonymous connections. Anonymous critical assets.
Enterprise network privacy through Telos Ghost®.

Today’s enterprises have discovered that some of their most trusted security capabilities have been outpaced and outflanked by the growing number and sophistication of cyber threats.  Traditional VPNs have their role, but were never meant to protect the ever-expanding attack surface of today’s enterprise network.

That’s because the internet and the cloud are today’s enterprise network. That reality means more network edges, more endpoints, and more attack surfaces.  It’s asking too much for VPNs to cover a nearly infinite range of threats and vulnerabilities to assure enterprise network privacy.

Telos Ghost: The next level of enterprise network privacy and security

A new approach to protecting the entire enterprise environment is the virtual obfuscation network – an integrated network-as-a-service that makes people, devices, transactions, and resources invisible to adversaries and unauthorized users.

Telos Ghost Private Network Access is a simple to use, cloud-based virtual obfuscation network that seamlessly encapsulates your existing network infrastructure, VPN and all.  It provides privacy and security for worldwide communications and transactions over the internet.  Its integrated technologies provide high levels of network obfuscation, multiple layers of encryption, and the ability to hide the presence of critical network resources from unauthorized view or access.

Telos Ghost for enterprise network privacy gives you the benefit of the highest levels of protection for information in transit and at rest. Users whose presence cannot be seen. Locations that appear to continually shift and are invisible to hackers. Point-to-point connections that are no longer discernable.  All to ensure the elimination of cyber attack surfaces and the ability to operate on the internet in total privacy.

Telos Ghost Private Network Access is easy to use. Here’s how it is done, in just three steps:

  1. All devices needing to communicate download a small software application. Or users can connect via one of our hardware devices.
  2. Log in with supplied credentials.
  3. Use device as needed. Email, browsers, applications — there are no restrictions and no discernible latency.

That’s it. As long as your users log into Telos Ghost Private Network Access, they can do business as usual without interruption, with the security and peace of mind your organization needs in this day and age. All without compromising your network’s speed, functionality or accessibility…and without draining your budget.

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